Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School

Genesis Study

Leader: David Norton

Topic: Exposition on Genesis

Resource: Genesis

Room: 201

Overview: This class will be going through the book of Genesis. It is a book of many beginnings. The beginning of the world, mankind, sin, and salvation. This is what makes Genesis such a foundational book for the Christian faith and worthy of a thorough study.

Thru the Bible

Leader: Matt Conley

Topic: Chronological Bible Study

Resource: The One Year Chronological Study Bible

Room: Fellowship Hall

Overview: This class has been going through the Bible all year, and is finally entering into the New Testament this September. This would be a great opportunity to join this class and finish reading Thru the Bible.

Family Foundations

Leader: Melissa Buchanan

Topic: Marriage and Family Matters

Resource: The Meaning of Marriage, by Tim Keller

Room: 206

Overview: There are many myths about what marriage should be in our popular culture. This class will offer instruction on how to have a successful marriage and provide a Biblical vision for what marriage should be.

Spiritual Disciplines

Leaders: Jared McNeill & Darnell Marks

Topic: Spiritual Disciplines

Resource: Spiritual Disciplines, by Donald Whitney

Room: 205

Overview: This class will learn and practice spiritual disciplines together. Spiritual disciplines are essentially “Holy Habits” that help grow in our relationship to the Lord. This class will teach you 12 different spiritual disciplines you can use such as: Bible Study, Prayer, Evangelism, and more. This class is excellent for both new believers or older saints.  

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