Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School for EVERYONE!

Here at Cameron Baptist Church, Sunday School is our primary method of discipleship. If you are not involved in a Sunday School class, then you need to be!

Sunday School is a time to engage the Word of God with your peers and apply it to your life.

All Classes 10AM-11:45AM

Children Sunday School

Children’s Classes:  In Sunday School, kids of all ages will learn about the stories of the Bible and the love that God has for us as demonstrated through Jesus Christ. All our children’s classes teach scripture in simple ways that will relate to their lives with their families and schools. All children’s classes are based on age and suitable for their…

Adult Sunday School

Adult Bible Studies  Young Adults – Room 205 The young adult class is intended for adults that feel young. Actually, there is a wide range of participants in this class. Today, the class consists of high school graduates as well as parents of high school graduates. The focus of the class is based on living the Christian life in the midst of chaos as a student,…