Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School for EVERYONE!

Here at Cameron Baptist Church, Sunday School is our primary method of discipleship. If you are not involved in a Sunday School class, then you need to be!

Sunday School is a time to engage the word of God with your peers and apply it to your life.

Children’s Classes: 

In Sunday School, kids of all ages will learn about the stories of the Bible and the love that God has for us as demonstrated through Jesus Christ.
All our children’s classes teach scripture in simple ways that will relate to their lives with their families and schools. All children’s classes are based on age and suitable for their cognitive abilities. Some use pictures, crafts, and coloring, but they all use the Bible and emphasize the truths of scripture.

Girls on Desk Looking at Notebook

  • Nursery (0 to 3 years old) 
    • Room 200
  • Preschool-grade 1
    • Room 202
  • Grades 2-4
    • Room 204
  • Grades 5-7
    • Room 103
  • Youth Grades 8-12
    • Room 102

Adult Bible Studies 

Aged based classes:

Our age based classes are designed to provide you with a community of people who have similar experiences.
  • Young Adults – Room 205
    • The young adult class is intended for adults that feel young. Ages range from high school graduates to the parents of high school graduates. This class emphasizes living out the Christian life in the midst of chaos as a parent, spouse, or employee.
    • Curriculum: “Bible Studies for Life” with an emphasis on family, marriage, and work relationship
  • Senior Adult Women – Room 206
    • This class is dedicated for our senior ladies to encourage and fellowship with one another while embracing the truths of God. Using Lifeway’s “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum our Senior ladies engage one another in ways specific to their station in life.
    • Curriculum: “Bible Studies for Life” with an emphasis on encouragement and fellowship
  • Senior Adult – Room 201
    • This class goes through books of the Bible as a group. There is no set curriculum, instead this group enjoys studying every jot and tittle from a passage as they study together. If you enjoy diving deep into the historical and theological depths of scripture then you will enjoy this class.
    • Curriculum: Commentary on various books of the Bible the group decides on

Keep in mind the stage in life listed is a loose categorization and will not prevent someone from joining. The important thing is for you to find a class that you are comfortable with and are learning about God’s word.

Topical Classes:

Our Topical Classes equip a large range of individuals about a common topic/book of the Bible.
  • Back to Basics – Room 100
    • The “Back to Basics” class is designed to help young believers discover the basics to the Christian faith. Nevertheless, several advanced Christians enjoy the class to remind them of the essentials to the Christian faith.
    • Curriculum: Topics/Books of the Bible essential for young believers
  • LIFE Group – Room 203
    • LIFE stands for Living In Faith Everyday. This class highlights how to live out spiritual truths in everyday situations. Be prepared to have lively theological and practical discussions derived from God’s word.
    • Curriculum: “Bible Studies for Life” with an emphasis on accountability and discussion within the group
If you are interested in becoming a Sunday School teacher, we provide ongoing Sunday School training throughout the year.