CBC Youth 

John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease

Its so easy in life to get caught up thinking you are at the center of the universe, believing that your friends, family, teachers, and even God exist to please us when in actuality we are called to serve others ESPECIALLY God.

Through Background we hope to show students a different way of living. Not increasing our own name, but Jesus’s name.

We do this through:

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Background is a time we have fun together and build much needed relationships so that we are able to lean on one another through difficult circumstances Gal. 6:2.

We also plan events throughout the year whereby we care for others in the church, the community, and grow deeper in our relationships with others.


Background has God’s word as its foundation. We believe if we are going to increase the name of Jesus, we need to know who He is, and the Bible is the only way of knowing Him and His ways. We offer two Bible Studies: 

  1. Wednesday Nights at 7PM (Grades 6-12): An informal meeting consisting of a short game/icebreaker followed by a half-hour topical Bible study.
  2. Sunday Mornings at 10AM (Grades 8-12): A more serious Bible Study where we go deeper into God’s word

Both meetings take place in the “Youth Room” which is in the downstairs section of the education wing. Enter the back glass door and it is the first classroom on the left.


Background is also a chance to share Christ with others Matt 28:18-20.  We want to increase the name of Jesus not only in our lives, but in the lives of others.

We make it a point that every time we meet is a time to meet Jesus Christ as well. We encourage students to bring their friends and family with them so that they might hear the Gospel and become disciples of Jesus Christ alongside them.