Baptist Children Home

Baptist Children Home

What is the Baptist Children Home Food Round Up?

The Food Round up is an annual food drive hosted by the Baptist Children Home of North Carolina. When churches, businesses and other community friends unite for the annual Food Roundup, it feeds hundreds and hundreds of boys and girls living at Baptist Children’s Homes. When you are feeding BCH cottages across North Carolina that can have as many as a dozen children, it takes a lot of food to fill hungry bellies.

Why is the Food Round up so vital?

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The food Roundup in April had to be postponed because of Covid-19. As a result, pantry shelves in Baptist Children’s Home cottages are becoming bare.

How will my efforts help the children?

You will ensure BCH shelves are restocked so boys and girls, many who were never fed regularly before coming to BCH, have plenty to eat. As you fill their plates, your love fills their hearts.

How can I help? 

  1. Donate canned food or gift cards to Cameron Baptist Church. Donations will be collected on the front pews in the Sanctuary
  2. If unable to go to the church, contact the church office, and volunteers will come pick up your donations. 
  3. Donate funds below through the giving form below. 
  4. Or by writing a check to “Cameron Baptist Church” with “Baptist Children’s Home” in the memo section. 

All donations will go directly to Baptist Children Homes after the final collection day (September 27th). 


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